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Phylloxera: when all the wine was almost gone
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Category: Things To Know About Wine
23 Apr

Phylloxera: when all the wine was almost gone

Can you imagine a world without wine? Without a Great wine from Montsant, Rueda or Terra Alta? Well, that was almost the case in the late 19th century, when Europe faced its biggest wine crisis ever known. The reason? The so-called phylloxera: an almost microscopic bug that ruined almost every vineyard in Europe. The biggest wine..

18 Mar

What is a designation of origin?

If you enjoy a glass of wine from time to time, you might have been confronted with the famous term ‘D.O.’ (Designation of Origin, in Spanish ‘Denominación de Origen’, or in French ‘Appellation d’Origine Protégée), a term that has been able to make even the biggest wine lover a bit nervous. Because what does it..