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La Reina Dolça

Celler Pascona

Celler Pascona

La Reina Dolça

Icon_ terroir

Granitic sand

Icon_ vinification

Late harvest (November 15, 2015), wild fermentation and short maceration, natural cessation of the fermentation due to high level of sugar, cold stabilization without filtering

Icon_ grape

Garnatxa Hand picked in cases of 15 kg

Icon_ ageing

1 year in demijohns

Icon_ vine

30-year-old vines

Icon_ nose (1)

Floral aromas of rose petals, fruity hints of strawberry, raspberry, and quince

Icon_ glass

Pale pink wine with impressions of peach, pear and honeydew melon, natural sweet wine with a pleasant and refreshing acidity

Icon_ bottle

200 bottles