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La Reina Rància

Celler Pascona

Celler Pascona

La Reina Rància

Icon_ terroir

Granitic sand

Icon_ vinification

Harvested in 1991, vinification of the first Trencaclosques. This lot was forgotten and was lying in the cellar until 2000. After tasting the wine, we noticed the potential and decided to put it in demijohns, which were placed out in the open until 2005

Icon_ grape

Sirà (Syrah) Hand picked in cases of 15 kg

Icon_ ageing

5 years in demijohns, 10 years in a sherry barrel

Icon_ vine

5-year-old vines (in 1991)

Icon_ nose (1)

Intense with aromas of undergrowth and dried fruit, typical aromas of long aging and balanced oxidation

Icon_ glass

Full, round, balanced but still very fresh. Matured wine with soft roasted touches of oak and nuts such as walnuts, hazelnuts and almonds, very elegant with a long and persistent finish

Icon_ bottle

200 bottles