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Vinitor Wine Group

Producers of Liquid Gold

Spanish wine marked by tradition and innovation

Vinitor Wine Group is a group of Spanish wineries, located across the Iberian Peninsula. Our mission is to produce the best products a region can offer, taking into account the environment as much as possible. The result: high-quality Spanish wine, made without herbicides, insecticides or fungicides. After all, we believe that wine is already made in the vineyard itself, and that the winery is only a means to refine it.

Our love for our country, our soils and our microclimates makes sure that we respect each and every region and grape. That is why we try to reflect these different aspects in our wines. Each of them shows the typical characteristics of the region. Sometimes we even try to introduce a wind of change in our winemaking techniques, using ultramodern – or even ancient – methods.

Since we are a young wine group, we are brimming with energy to begin new wine projects and to search for old and forgotten grapes or wine regions. The combination of innovative ideas and tradition will always be present and will mark what Vinitor Wine Group stands for.

So join the #clubvinitor and accompany us on our mission to make exquisite and sustainable Spanish wines accessible for everyone!