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Celler Pascona

Terroir wines of Montsant

Celler Pascona, a boutique winery located in the picturesque Fontanals Valley near the historic town of Falset in the DO Montsant region, near the historic town of Falset. Our focus is in producing exceptional quality wines that truly capture the essence of the region. Our vineyards, situated in the heart of the DO Montsant, feature a unique combination of three distinct terroirs, with clay, granite, and slate making up 60%, 30%, and 10% respectively.

We are dedicated to produce terroir wines, which is a concept that goes beyond the soil where the grapes are grown. It encompasses the environment, the biosphere, the position of the sun, and the winegrower’s philosophy and techniques. By working in harmony with nature, we are able to create wines that truly represent the authenticity and typicity of our land, with the purest expression of the PASCONA DNA.

We take a natural approach in both the vineyard as in the winery. In the vineyard, we do not use synthetic agents such as insecticides or herbicides and we have natural vegetation between the vines to promote biodiversity. In the winery, we rely on spontaneous alcoholic fermentations, minimal filtering, and low levels of added sulphite to produce our wines.

Discover the unique character and quality of our wines and taste the true essence of the Montsant region.



Trencaclosques Montsant rosé wine of Syrah
Cor de Granit Montsant