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Més Que Paraules

When foreign varieties meet the Garnacha, Macabeo, Sumoll and Picapoll

Discover the rich history and unparalleled flavor of the D.O. Pla de Bages wine region with our small but dedicated winery. Nestled in the heart of Catalonia, our winery is proud to be a part of a region with a deep heritage and a reputation for producing truly exceptional wines.

We are passionate about our commitment to using traditional and modern viticulture techniques, and our dedication to preserving and showcasing the unique native grape varieties of the region like picapoll and mandó is unwavering. With an approximate production volume of 120,000 bottles divided into 4 references, we’re proud to offer a taste of the D.O. Pla de Bages that is truly one-of-a-kind and not to be missed.

Picapoll and mandó are two of the grape varieties that we are particularly passionate about. These ancient varieties have been grown in the D.O. Pla de Bages for long, and have become synonymous with the region’s wine heritage. Picapoll is known for its delicate floral aromas and fruitiness, making it a favorite among wine enthusiasts. On the other hand, mandó is known for its elegant, spicy, and complex wines. Its late ripening and resistance to high temperatures make it a variety that adapts well to the changing climate, making it a favorite among winemakers in the region.

Our wines truly capture the essence of the land and the people who produce them. We believe that they are “Més Que Paraules” – more than words can describe. This phrase is deeply rooted in Catalan culture and expresses the idea that there are some things that cannot be fully captured in language. We invite you to come and taste our wines for yourself, and experience the rich history and unparalleled flavor that the D.O. Pla de Bages has to offer.

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