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A bold Tinta de Toro and Verdejo adventure

A strong and powerful brand for excellent Toro and Rueda wines, a not so usual name for wine that comes from two traditional Spanish wine regions. Our MOFO give a twist to the old-school regions, respecting the traditional grape varieties yet offering a whole new experience. So follow the #mofowines and let our strong and expressive Toros and fruity Verdejo blow your mind.

The Rueda & Toro project

Born and raised in the D.O. Toro and the D.O. Rueda, MOFO offers top-shelf monovarietal wines. In a combined project the audacious MOFO offer innovation and novelty. Our Free Soul, Wild Child and Damn Master are all certified vegan wines and without a doubt born to be free(d).

On its label, every MOFO explains in English what it stands for: a sign of its rebellious nature and the vision of making the MOFOs accessible to everybody. Vividness, expressiveness or power; there is a MOFO for everyone.

Our grape varieties
White wine: Verdejo
Red wine: Tinta de Toro

All wines from Vinitor Wine Group are produced with respect for the environment, trying to keep our ecological footprint as small as possible. This results in wines that are good for nature, body and soul.

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