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A rough region with an infinite number of microclimates

Situated next to the famous D.O.Q. Priorat and being a very young designation of origin, the D.O. Montsant often fades somewhat into oblivion. Nonetheless it is gaining more importance every day thanks to its quality and strong personality, characteristics given to the region by different international wine experts. In total, it accounts for 1,900 ha of vineyards and its philosophy is that the winemakers must stay true to high quality standards.

The Garnacha and Samsó (Cariñena) are the typical and local red grape varieties of the D.O. Montsant. With time, new grape varieties (mostly red) were introduced in the region. Though some winemakers produce white wines as well, the region is mostly known for its red wines.

The climate is influenced by the mountainous terrain, the Ebro River (especially the southern zone) and the Mediterranean sea breezes. Due to these factors, the climate is considered Mediterranean with continental aspects. In general, the winters are cold and the summers hot and dry. Given the relief of the D.O. Montsant, though, we can find an infinite number of microclimates which give each vineyard plot its own special personality.

D.O. Montsant soils are very diverse and denote a richness of origin and composition which afford it a mosaic-like quality throughout the area. Mainly we find calcareous or limestone-based soils, granitic soils and slate-based soils.

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